Why list with FNSX?

There are a number of reasons why companies may choose to list on FNSX. Traditional wisdom is that listing provides access to capital. Capital can be raised through an Initial Public Offering or via further capital raisings. This capital can be used to fund further growth, fund capital expenditure, or pay off existing debt.

Listing also offers a marketing advantage to companies. Being publicly listed provides greater exposure to international markets and customers. At the same time, it also provides the certainty and assurance to customers and business relationships that the listed entity has undergone thorough review and is subject to constant oversight. This can give companies in competitive industries a significant advantage over competitors.

Listing can provide greater benefits to existing shareholders. The market pricing mechanism delivers an indication of market value and assists companies to assess their current value and achieve real time feedback on strategies and company management. Shareholders are offered the possibility of exiting an investment where they choose to do so.

Listing allows companies to offer more novel security for debt financing. The stability presented by a listed entity can often attract more competitive finance rates. This is bolstered by the capacity of the company to offer listed convertible notes, options and other instruments to secure finance.

The FNSX Advantage

FNSX was originally created to service the commercial needs of the first nations people of North America. Like most first nations people, the North American tribes fought hard for their freedom and their capacity for self-determination. We are people who have felt the effects of political oppression and the horrors of self-interested politics and nationalism. As such, FNSX prides itself on its apolitical approach to listings. Unlike many exchanges, FNSX does not set official or unofficial rules to promote or restrict listings from various countries around the globe. FNSX assesses all companies on an equal playing field, with full understanding that different cultures and approaches to business enrich our exchange and our peaceful existence.

Many great companies are prevented from listing due to the ‘spread’ requirements of stock exchanges. These requirements are necessary to ensure that the companies trade with sufficient liquidity to ensure a functional and effective exchange. For family businesses that have been developed under close holding and supervision, it can often prove extremely difficult to locate and genuinely fundraise from 250 or more shareholders to meet the official requirements of the exchange. This is even more so given that the spread is usually comprised of small value holdings that are unattractive to traditional fundraising firms. FNSX provides an easy solution for these companies. Companies who cannot meet the spread requirements have the option of issuing a minimum of $2000 worth of shares to 250 shareholders within a reservation or disadvantaged first nations people internationally. Doing so will result in reduced listing fees, a greater engagement with the local community and overcome one of the traditional hurdles to listing strong but tightly held companies.

FNSX prides itself on clear direction and a ‘no-surprise’ listing process. Most exchanges require companies to prepare all documentation and work prior to submission, which is then reviewed by the exchange. Errors or unacceptable circumstances in early documents may not be revealed until the actual submission, meaning that hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent before receiving a failed application. Often, the application has been developed dependent on errors that are now costly to amend.

FNSX has a six-step review process that aims to work with companies to ensure that companies are able to develop world-best practices. FNSX will review the individual steps in the listing process to provide feedback and approval before further cost is incurred by the company in proceeding to further work and advice. If a company passes all six preliminary approval processes, FNSX will advocate for listing with the national regulator and will ensure that the FNSX internal approval is provided. This gives companies certainty that when the application fee is paid, the listing will occur. This not only assists the company by de-risking the process, but also provides certainty to investors, who will know during pre-IPO fundraising that the company has received preliminary approvals from FNSX. For investors, being better able to assess the prospect of a successful listing means a safer investment and the company can access cheaper equity investment.

Traditional exchanges have been highly limited in trading hours due to banking systems that only process during local trading hours. Operating across three continents and supported by an integrated banking system, FNSX is a truly global exchange, able to process trades on equities and debt markets 24 hours a day.

Through partnership with electronic brokers, traders from all around the world can open a direct trading account to buy and sell on FNSX. Electronic brokerage means that traditional client-broker relationships are not necessary, greatly streamlining and democratising the trading process.

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