Authorised Advisors

Authorised Advisors

To ensure the integrity of the exchange and to assist companies through the listing process and to adjust to being a listed company, all applicants must appoint an FNSX authorised advisor.

FNSX authorised advisors are experts who have demonstrated the knowledge, experience and capacity to lead companies through the listing process and assist in managing them post-listing.

During the listing process, all communications will be between FNSX and the authorised advisor.


Authorised advisors must have a proven track record in advising companies on listings, demonstrate tertiary qualifications in finance, management and compliance and be of sufficient size to properly meet client service and advisory requirements. Authorised advisors are also required to undergo training and certification with FNSX’s educational institute. This training covers the specific requirements of FNSX as well as a cultural component advising on the expectations of the various tribes and first nations people who power the exchange.

The high authorised advisor standard is required to ensure that clients who approach the exchange are properly advised and receive ethical and clear advice. Yearly review of advisors means that training is kept up to date and the authorised advisor title provides the FNSX seal of approval.


Authorised advisors must be appointed for the entire duration of the listing process and for a period of 2 years after listing. Companies who are listing as part of a dual listing may avoid the authorised advisor requirement post-listing.

Application to Become An Authorized Advisor