About FNSX

Heritage and Progress

The First Nations Stock Exchange brings together thousands of years of culture and knowledge with the latest technology and commercial innovation.

Founded in the First Nations reservations of North America and now authorised by and servicing First Nations people across three continents, FNSX has a market capitalisation of over a billion US dollars.  FNSX proudly lists many of the most commercially successful and resource rich enterprises of the First Nations people. Since 2020, FNSX has also opened to the international community, and now boasts leading corporations from many international countries.

FNSX has a vision for a more united and engaged international community, and invites further applications from those outside of the First Nations.

The FNSX Difference

A Commercial Exchange

FNSX prides itself on commercial responsiveness. We apply our listing rules and procedures in a purposive manner, recognising that the reason for our rules is a well ordered, transparent, safe and efficient exchange. Many exchanges apply rules doctrinally, creating administrative and bureaucratic obstacles that serve no real purpose for investors, the exchange or the companies that list. We aim to forge sensible working relationships with both investors and companies to make sure that issues are easily overcome with minimal cost and delay.

An Apolitical Exchange

Too many exchanges are servants of political agendas or wider economic goal setting. FNSX is aligned only with the goal of developing the commercial and financial infrastructure of the First Nations and ensuring peaceful and meaningful co-operation with the international community. FNSX does not apply varying formal or informal standards to applicants from different geographic locations or shift its approach to listing companies based on its current political environment. A stable exchange requires procedural fairness and equality, a central goal of the exchange.

An Innovative Exchange

FNSX has invested heavily in technology to ensure that international companies and investors are able to easily access integrated stockbroking, clearance and settlement software and exchange data. Rather than using multiple and often expensive third party services, FNSX has a fully integrated approach which minimises difficulties for international companies and investors wishing the engage with FNSX.

A Safe Exchange

Corporate governance and oversight are at the centre of FNSX. While recognising the multiplicity of business forms, structures and approaches around the world, FNSX ensures that the universal standards of transparency, honesty and integrity are upheld by all of the companies listed on FNSX. From in house educational programs, to international auditing requirements, to an extensive oversight and review process, companies listed on FNSX are certain to meet world-best governance practices.