FNSX to boost e-commerce in East Africa


Representatives from the First Nations Stock Exchange recently met with key representatives from a coalition of East African nations to discuss new possibilities in e-commerce. FNSX reached a high-level agreement with the nations for the joint development of new trading technologies, new legislative approaches to international trading and the development of cross and dual-listing opportunities. The high-level agreement will be more fully realised in a meeting in Djibouti in February.

The agreement was overseen by His Eminence Abdinur Darman at a meeting in Istanbul. The agreement includes and is expected to involve the joint efforts of a number of political leaders and United Nations ambassadors from Somalia, Djibouti, South Sudan, Kenya and other East African nations. The development of exchange technology is part of a wider framework for the development of world leading banking, commerce and exchange capabilities.

It is an exciting moment for FNSX to be recognised as one of the world’s fastest growing exchanges and as an example to be followed in approaching new international markets. In keeping with its core principles, FNSX is willing to share its learnings and investment with other nations seeking greater international recognition. As East Africa emerges as a powerful geographic region, many of its nations continue to heal from the scars left by colonisation and theft of resources. It is an honour and duty of FNSX to be able to provide transparent investment mechanisms and assist these nations in developing the practical means of independence and self-determination. This is a struggle shared by our people and the people of East Africa, forming a solid basis of friendship and reciprocal need and opportunity.

FNSX looks forward to this relationship developing, and the opportunities it brings for companies currently listed on FNSX and traders currently trading with FNSX.