FNSX Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


The First Nations Stock Exchange (FNSX) Foundation is giving away 40 million U.S. Dollars in accelerator grants to applicants who are:

  • eligible to become publicly listed on First Nations Stock Exchange; and
  • can demonstrate alignment with the United Nations (UN) Agenda 2030.

Preference will be given to companies from First Nations regions or those with First Nations peoples in leadership positions to encourage all nations, including developed and developing states, to participate in transforming the globe for a more sustainable future.


Under the Sustainable Development Goals 2030: 

At its annual meeting, the First Nations Exchange Foundation proposed an ambitious but attainable plan of action for the benefit of mankind, our planet and prosperity in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The positive effects of international economic growth have been counterbalanced by over reliance on the natural environment and resources. There is no doubt that current modes of usage will leave destructive impacts on the earth. In the face of climate change implications such as rising sea levels and the melting Arctic ice shelves, it calls for a rethink on our approach towards globalization. The first nations people of the world are particularly aware of these impacts, having largely lived without long-term impact on local ecosystems for millions of years. As awareness of humanity’s impact on its environment becomes clearer, so too does the opportunity to share the wisdom and knowledge of the first nations people.

The First Nations Stock Exchange supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda as one of many paths to demonstrate a collective human will towards a better future. Whilst it may not be possible to reverse the damage already done, there is still room to minimize further destruction through promoting sustainability and a ‘greener’ planet, provided we adhere to these objectives. The interconnected and integrated nature of the Sustainable Development Goals is essential to ensuring that the goals of the new agenda are achieved.


In order to assist this global movement, the First Nations Stock Exchange has put together a grant to support all bold and transformative companies to move together on the path of leading the world towards sustainable development. The First Nations Exchange Foundation will allocate 40 million U.S. Dollars as a corporate listing and incubation acceleration bonus to help companies that meet the UN 2030 agenda or provide support to companies completing their listing on the First Nations Stock Exchange.


The First Nations Stock Exchange encourages applications from companies that can demonstrate commitment to one or more of the following initiatives.


Responsible Consumption and Production:

The First Nations Stock Exchange is determined to protect the planet from degradation through responsible consumption and production, promotion of sustainable resources and taking urgent action against climate change to support the needs of present and future generations. Responsible consumption and production means doing more and better things with fewer resources. It also means removing the inverse correlation between economic growth and environmental degradation, improving resource efficiency, and at a societal level, promoting sustainable lifestyles. The Exchange plays a significant role by welcoming any company that promotes or operates on these values, creating products or services that serve not just humanity, but the lands upon which we reside. This can be created through both the output of the company and its input as well, taking into consideration the methods of operation, materials used and its carbon footprint. As a roll-on effect, responsible consumption and production will also help alleviate poverty and transition to a low-carbon and green economy.


Good health & Wellbeing:

The 2030 good health and wellbeing goal utilizes technological advancements to shift the focus from traditional to digital health strategies. With the ever-increasing connectedness of the world, lifting poverty through medical research and innovation is paramount to good health and wellbeing as well as improving the economy and sustainability of the global health systems. The First Nations Stock Exchange encourages medical and healthcare companies to move towards the longer-term development models and implementation of digital health care services in the fields of integration and innovation. The focus towards better medical and health care systems through information and communication infrastructure ensures competitive markets that promote ethical medical technologies for the benefit and accessibility of the individual.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure:

The 4th Industrial Revolution presents a great opportunity to build an all-inclusive, human-centered future, and allows us to reflect on what is truly important to building a sustainable future. One of the core values of the First Nations Stock Exchange is efficiency and transparency of global financial flow. The UN 2030 agenda for industry, innovation and infrastructure aligns closely with the Exchange’s endorsement of innovative products and companies that develop advanced technological and digital solutions. Critical skills and infrastructure help companies and society improve performance and efficiency, increase in value as well as maximize results for the benefit of humankind. Such achievements are spurred on by the progression of information technology developments, playing a vital role in propelling intelligence, agility and productivity, all of which are critical success factors. In the 2030 Agenda, the First Nations Stock Exchange focuses on assisting companies that harness software and the Internet of Things (IoTs), blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), in areas including, but not limited to, smart cities, energy efficiency, public lighting, industrial and urban waste recycling, raw material improvement, and smart virtualization.


Truly Global, Helping Developing Nations:

One of the core functions of listing on a stock exchange is the opportunity to develop not only employment capacities but economic growth for both the listed company and its affiliated nations. The First Nations Stock Exchange serves as a bridge between companies looking to elevate their local, regional or international standing whilst promoting a more sustainable future in terms of employment opportunities and domestic economies. Whether the company is incorporated in one jurisdiction, operates in a second and serves in another, the Exchange connects peoples and businesses transregionally to transnationally. Entities such as micro, small and medium sized enterprises, in particular, are encouraged to harness opportunities of intergovernmental and private collaboration to achieve these Sustainable Development Goals. The Exchange is seeking applicants that are capable of demonstrative cross border activity or trade which will genuinely enhance the economic and social development of less developed nations. The Exchange aims to boost and fast-track developing economies by introducing fair market competition through the provision of direct access for market efficiency to those in need.


Potential applicants and companies are encouraged to go public in order to meet the listing requirements of the First Nations Stock Exchange. The Exchange will award preference to companies from any of the world’s First Nations or any enterprises with First Nations personnel in leadership positions.

Please check with your local sponsor or authorized advisors for specific application procedures.