FNSX Interview with World Native News


On 30 September 2021, the World Native News interviewed FNSX Listing Manager, Dr David Mullan, about the history of capital transformation, future of exchange technology and the First Nations Stock Exchange being the world’s first truly decentralised exchange. World Native News is a global native news depository focused on providing a coherent voice to first nation’s people around the world. It currently has active readership in more than 10 countries and works in close collaboration with first nation led news agencies. 

The First Nations Stock Exchange is honoured to assist the World Native News network as they share a vision of connecting and empowering the first nations people of the world. The First Nations Stock Exchange was founded with the goal of creating harmony and unity between first nations people through the free flow of exchange and capital. FNSX is determined to give a voice to under recognised communities that have been historically overlooked and quite often, mercilessly oppressed. As the world sheds the cloak of colonialism and becomes more interconnected, so do the realms of finance and economy.

In a hyper-globalised economy, the vision to expand internationally comes in a timely manner. As the world retreats to nationalism and closes borders to battle the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the First Nations Stock Exchange has taken the opportunity to use digital technologies to expand internationally.

The topic of discussion was the history of capital and the process behind the construction of a decentralised stock exchange. It provided FNSX the opportunity to showcase its technological and regulatory innovation that has enabled the creation and operation of a fully integrated exchange, the only primary equities exchange in the world to feature t+0 settlement. This technology, when paired with a global network of partner exchanges, has enabled flexibility and innovation beyond most existing exchanges.

One of the key points of interest for the World Native News network was the development of apolitical exchange principles. In a reflection of the sorts of limitations that have affected the recognition of first nations peoples and their rights internationally, most conventional exchanges remain answerable to national agendas and political objectives. These can hinder both humanity and the potential for international growth and co-operation. FNSX aims to pioneer the spirit of the first nations people of North America, in being able to share wisdom, connectedness, history and trade through non-political action based on fairness and non-aggression.

The interview can be viewed in full below. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss the philosophy and rationale behind FNSX and also to reach a wider audience with the dream of engaging with free enterprise globally. We particularly encourage first nations people who may be looking to engage with the exchange and small medium enterprises looking for a means of expanding their global reach and access to international capital to consider the interview and FNSX in general.