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FNSX has been invited to speak at China’s International Fair For Trade In Service

Reporter: Zanzi    Updated 6 Sep 2021 4:52 EST

Earlier today FNSX representatives presented a united vision for the future of stock exchanges and international collaboration at China’s 8 th International Fair for trade in service “CIFTIS”. The conference in China was an opportunity for leading minds in international exchange platforms and technology to come together to help shape the future of exchanges. FNSX presented a vision of apolitical, innovative and technology driven exchange on Financial Innovation and Co-operation forum, it has hosted to an audience including the Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China, the UAE Ministry of Economy NASDAQ, Mi and the Union of Arab Banks.

President Xi Jinping in addressing the audience during the opening of the conference to placed focus on the importance of Small Medium Enterprise to the future of China’s exchange. The commitment to SMEs was cemented with the announcement of a new SME board on the Beijing Stock Exchange. As an exchange that has always catered to SMEs, we fully support this vision and note the increasing importance of international capital movement in helping SMEs grow and maintain their international competitiveness.

FNSX’s key speaker Dr David Mullan reported on the technological achievements of FNSX, noting the importance of technology in driving inclusive and co-operative exchanges. As FNSX continues its journey from a closed exchange to a truly international exchange, the importance of constant interaction and discussion with the wider international exchange community increases in importance. With recent listings from China, and an influx of applications from across Asia and the Middle East, FNSX hopes to continue to improve systems, processes and efficiency to continue to offer a world leading product that can make the first nations at the heart of our exchange proud.

We welcome ongoing engagement with the international community and continue to push
for a world of transparent, efficient and apolitical capital allocation.

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