Debt Market Announcement


The First Nations Stock Exchange (FNSX) proudly announces the creation and launch of the official debt board. This creates opportunity for companies to place tradeable debt instruments in the Cherokee nation, further strengthening the Cherokee Financial Centre as a world leading financial hub. A full set of rules and guidelines are now available on the FNSX website. 

The creation of the debt board coincides with the listing of a US$100m bond issued by Jinfang Cotton Technology Co., Ltd (Jinfang), one of the world’s largest cotton producers. We extend our thanks to Jinfang for their co-operation in creating our debt board and the first debt product offering on FNSX. We wish them great success with the road show and subsequent secondary market trading of the bond.

We further invite all companies listed on FNSX to consider the potential of the debt board to create new funding opportunities and novel debt instruments. We maintain the same purposive and industry-focused approach that has helped with the recent and rapid development of our equity board. We look forward to further discussing this exciting new opportunity with you in the near future.

Simon Cevic

Head of Debt Markets

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