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Slide STOCK EXCHANGE FIRST NATIONS FNSX brings the power and wisdom of thousands of years of history and culture to the world's investors.

Why First Nations Stock Exchange?

FNSX brings the power and wisdom of thousands of years of history and culture to the world’s investors. Featuring leading companies from the First Nations of America and internationally, FNSX offers an attractive alternative to increasingly political and bureaucratic exchanges.



Investors are able to view the health and profitability of FNSX as a market at a glance, as well as make more informed investment decisions regarding some of the most established companies on the exchange.

FNSX features a diverse range of international companies from multiple industries. In addition to some of the largest first nations’ companies, FNSX welcomes companies from across the globe. 

Leading through innovation

The FNSX trading platform is one of the world’s leading platforms. Utilising a fully integrated settlement and clearing system and an integrated online stockbroking system, FNSX is able to settle securities on a T+0 basis. FNSX has been developed from the ground up using in house systems and software developed by designers of some of the world’s leading exchange platforms to ensure a fully integrated and functional listing and trading experience.

Update: COVID Protocols

FNSX remains dedicated to the safe operation of markets and the safety of all of its customers and society. Until further notice, FNSX has moved its operations to be an entirely online exchange. Applications will be fully electronic with meetings with regulators and FNSX staff taking place over teleconference. All documents are to be lodged via email and online submission.